Westward Ho!

Rainbow Bridge

Today we started driving from Joplin to Oklahoma City, with many stops along the way.  First stop Galena KS where we crossed the Rainbow Bridge, one of the last remaining iron arch bridges along 66.  Great sight, when we get to the bridge, there is a line of over 14 GTO cars crossing the bridge.  They are also on their way to Santa Monica in their vintage muscle cars!  


Hometown of Micky Mantle

We drove through Commerce OK, home of the second-best baseball player I’ve seen…Micky Mantle.  They have a statue of him outside the high school field. 

Roadside Attraction

The Blue Whale

In Catoosa, OK we stopped to see the Blue Whale swimming hole, in the pouring rain, but we had to see this one, again it didn’t disappoint!

University of Tulsa

Continuing on to Tulsa where our daughter did her undergraduate work.  The school has changed dramatically since her time there, for the better!  Brings back memories of taking our daughter to college.  Can’t forget lunch at Talley’s right along 66, it was one of Brittany’s favorites!


From there we took a side trip off 66 and went to Pawhuska, OK.  We just had to see the Pioneer Women’s mercantile store, and it didn’t disappoint! Well worth the two-hour detour for Kim!

Another landmark

In Arcadia, OK we saw another iconic landmark, the round barn, built in 1898. 

Who Needs GPS?

“We finished the days driving in Oklahoma City.  This really was the only time where we got a little confused on the Route 66 criss-crosses I-44 and it gets complicated.  I can always tell when my navigator gets a little off her map, she gets very quiet.   When we get to an intersection, I will ask, “left or right”? and when I get no response I have to call the ball.  You would think with two maps, two phones with GPS, and her trusty highlighter, we are set, but this area did get us both.  I told her “you don’t need GPS, you have “JRS” and a compass, westward ho! By the way, lots of cattle in Oklahoma along with the red dirt…


We are so excited about the next chapter of our life. We have recently retired and are going to travel. First on our bucket list is driving Route 66! Look out here we come!

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