Detour Again!

Great Little Town...Williams, AZ

On the road again, this time from Flagstaff AZ to Kingman AZ, then on to Las Vegas for a little time off the road.  We’ve driven over 3,200 miles since leaving Chicago, side trips off of 66, some back tracking, and occasionally seeking and finding “new adventures”.

As we have found along the way, I-40 has taken over portions of Route 66, sometimes we are following the highway, and at times we’re maybe a mile or two off the Interstate.  Then there are times 66 takes you back onto I-40, in any case we are trying to stay as true to Route 66 as we can.  Two examples of adding miles is the trip is this trip up to Vegas (Kim made me) and the trip up to see the Pioneer Women’s place (again Kim made me).

During our trip, up we drove through a railroad town of Williams, AZ, which is a MUST stop town.  Quaint little shops, lots of original buildings and sites still in use today.

Another town that has had a rebirth is Seligman, AZ.  Evidently it was used a lot in the Cars movie, we didn’t see much there, but the tour buses were stopped, so, judge for yourself. One stop that exceeded expectations is a little hole in the wall place called Hackberry General Store.  Stop in here and look at all the “stuff” this place has accumulated, good stop.

General Store-A Must Stop

As previously mentioned from Kingman we deviated off 66 up to Las Vegas, and a stop at the Hoover Dam.  This is a MUST stop, just an engineering marvel, and the new bridge just opened above the dam, you can walk out onto the bridge for spectacular views (we didn’t). You can still drive across the dam, and tour the dam, it is truly spectacular, a testament to American grit. It was then on to Vegas for two days, and as you know, “What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  We’ll pick it up in two days.

Hoover Dam


We are so excited about the next chapter of our life. We have recently retired and are going to travel. First on our bucket list is driving Route 66! Look out here we come!

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