And We Are Off!!

First full day on the road…

We got started bright and early on our ride from Chicago to LA, making sure we stay true to Route 66 as much as possible.




First photo opportunity was the Dell Rhea Chicken Basket restaurant in Willowbrook, (just south of Chicago.   This place has been in business since the 1920’s due to their  “secret recipe” for their fried chicken. The owner made a deal with two local ladies, they offered their recipe, in exchange for him buying their chickens, seems to have worked well for both parties!


Then it was down through Joliet, and the official welcome center for Route 66. Very helpful folks there, they gave us a great map (which has come in handy), and it was off to Springfield. Along the way the highway has numerous “road-side attractions” to get you to stop, take a photo, grab a drink and think about a time when car travel was an adventure.  Now those of you who have traveled with me know...”It’s all part of the Adventure”!!


We then ran into the Giant Gemini Man, (a salute to the 60’s space race), we took pictures with Elvis and Superman at a local car hop stop.  We also saw a giant Paul Bunyan holding a big hot dog (Kim was impressed).  Next stop was a nostalgic Texaco station that was manned by two Viet Nam vets who volunteer to greet people.   It’s here where we met a couple from Cologne Germany, this was their second road trip in the US, this time they were taking 22 days to see our great country! According to the pins on their map, looks like more Europeans drive Route 66 than folks from the US!


We then drove down to just outside of St. Louis to “walk across the Mississippi”.  The Chain of Rock bridge was how you crossed the river on Route 66, no biggie until you see the bridge.  It has a 30-degree bend on the bridge, it was built that way to accommodate the river traffic.  It’s closed to car traffic, so we walked across!  We then backtracked up the highway to spend the evening in Springfield.


We are so excited about the next chapter of our life. We have recently retired and are going to travel. First on our bucket list is driving Route 66! Look out here we come!

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  1. Dolly Costello

    Happy travels!! Great idea!!

    1. theschmecks


  2. Martha

    Glad Joliet added a map, we know you guys and your maps. Where did Jeff get his shirt? It’s going to be a cool trip!

    1. theschmecks

      Got shirt years ago when we decided this was what we were going to do when we retired. I gave it to Jeff when he retired in March!

  3. Buggs

    Awesome! I look forward to following you!

    1. theschmecks

      Thanks Buggs!

  4. Mary Ellen Schmeck

    Livin’ the life! Good for you both. Have fun! Mary

  5. theschmecks

    We will Mary!

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Steve Weaver

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like a a lot of fun!

    1. theschmecks

      We are having a blast!

  8. Cheryl

    Great start to I’m sure many great travels! Looks like you are having a great time and seeing some great sights! Jeff’s shirt is Killer!

    1. theschmecks

      Not according to the kids!

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