This Blog is about our travel adventure…driving Route 66.  Come along for the ride! We will be starting in Chicago and ending in California.  We are winging it.  Taking it day by day with no plans on where to stop but we do know what we want to see along the way.  If something grabs our interest we may stay a little longer. Our plans are to stay at local Marriott hotels as they are pretty reliable, but what we find and where we eat are all a part of the adventure!  Again, come along for the ride!

Our Adventure Begins...Come Along for the Ride!

Jeff and Kim

This is Jeff and I at one of our favorite places...the beach! We are originally from Pittsburgh, but have lived in San Antonio for over 30 we call San Antonio our home! Jeff and I are retired and enjoy traveling!

Bucket List

We have a long Bucket List...But lets start with the first one... 1. Route 66

We start in Chicago.  From Illinois to Missouri to Kansas to Oklahoma to Texas to New Mexico to Arizona to California.  We end at the Santa Monica Pier!